Community Partnership

Community Partnership

We are pleased to have partnered with Esteem Industries as we embark on another new project here at Pacor. Both organizations have deep ties to our local communities and this partnership goes back many years.

“Esteem Industries is a workshop certified by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development since 1979.  The Men and Women who reside here at New Lisbon Developmental Center take great pride in the work we do.  This partnership with Pacor has impacted the lives of the men and women employed with Esteem Industries.  Pacor has provided us with the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve goals that will prepare our Men and Women to work and live in the community” according to Jennifer States, Production Manager of Esteem Industries.

The core of this partnership is focused on increasing the resident’s skillset, producing quality products, and the satisfaction of both groups and the communities in which we operate. As a result of this collaboration, the mutual benefits are immeasurable and the we perform together provides a great sense of achievement for all.

Pacor’s project director, Steve Mercogliana says “I am very confident the Esteem Industries team will continue to surpass our expectations and provide an ongoing supply of high-quality parts. The level of professionalism, patience, enthusiasm and perfection the team has applied leaves me astonished; everyone is performing at an extraordinary level. It’s partnership that we hope to keep growing as we look forward to the future.”