Industrial Sewing

Industrial Sewing

Industrial Sewing Services

Pacor has a wide variety of industrial sewing equipment to suit various needs. Pacor’s vast experience in the industry has enabled Pacor to develop the best industrial sewing methods to manufacture precision blankets and covers. Pacor’s industrial sewing equipment can easily handle fabrication of blankets consisting of fiberglass, foam, aerogel, cloth, foil, wire mesh, Velcro, and hook attachments. Pacor’s industrial sewing equipment is also capable of adding reinforcing stitching throughout insulating materials that will be subject to high tension installations.

Custom Fabrication

Pacor uses customer prints or CAD files to design blanket assembly instructions for our industrial sewers. Just send over the file, and Pacor will build your request. Alternatively, customers may provide the part requiring insulation – as a sample, drawing, or CAD model – and Pacor can design the insulation blankets required. Pacor will work with you to determine the optimal insulation required for your application.


From small medical devices to massive power plant turbines, Pacor can fabricate insulation blankets to the size and shape that you need.


Avoid a second step and cut down on lead time by combining material purchase with custom fabrication. Cut out a design step by asking our engineers to recommend the proper insulation and fit for your product.


Pacor’s equipment is suitable to sew most shapes you require. Material thicknesses and thickness tolerances are specified by the insulation manufacturer.

Pacor’s industrial sewing capability enables the fabrication of high quality stationary or removable insulation blankets designed to fit your equipment. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today to find out if Pacor’s insulation blankets are the solution to your needs.