Custom Slitting

Custom Slitting

Slitting Services

Pacor has equipment to slit insulating materials to the widths that you specify. Pacor’s slitting equipment can easily handle fabrication of fiberglass, foam and aerogel insulation; foil and cloth.

Custom Fabrication

Pacor uses customer prints or CAD files to create instructions for our slitting machine operators. Just send over the file, and Pacor will cut the material you request. Alternatively, customers may provide the part requiring insulation – as a sample, drawing, or CAD model – and Pacor can suggest the insulating material width required. Pacor will work with you to determine the optimal insulation required for your application.


From small to large pipe wrap or any use in between, Pacor can slit insulating materials to the width that you need.


Avoid a second step and cut down on lead time by combining material purchase with custom fabrication. Cut out an extra design step by asking our engineers to recommend the proper insulation and fit for your product.


Pacor’s equipment is suitable to slit any width you require as the stock material will permit. Typical roll stock is supplied in 48″ – 60″ widths, varying according to the product line. Material thicknesses and thickness tolerances are specified by the insulation manufacturer.

Pacor’s custom slitting capability enables the purchase of insulation pre-slit to your specifications. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today to find out if Pacor’s slitting capability is the solution to your insulation needs.