CAD Prototyping, Design and Application Service

CAD Prototyping, 3D Modeling

Product design is vital in choosing the insulation system in your product or in your plant. The type of insulation and the design of the part are critical to obtaining the most effective insulating capabilities. From large scale energy turbine insulation systems to small die cut equipment insulation parts, Pacor has a team of experienced insulation system designers ready to assist you.

Through our entire range of products – from traditional Fiberglass insulation to the space-age Aerogel insulation to the removable insulation covers – Pacor brings it’s over 90 years of insulation experience to help you find your insulating solution. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today to find the solution to your insulation needs.

CAD Prototyping – Design Technology

Pacor has a state of the art system along with a team of trained professionals to help you with revamping existing products or developing your new products. We can create custom designed removable insulation covers to meet your equipment or piping system needs that allow maximum insulation to reduce energy loss combined with ease of install/re-install for maintenance. We can help you go from prototype to product development to manufacturing your OEM products. From small precision insulated parts to target a small heat source to large scale pipeline insulation wrapping, Pacor has a specialist that can help meet your specification.

Quality Controls

Pacor is ISO 9001 Registered and is committed to producing a quality product for our customers. We can help you develop your specifications. And our stringent quality control guidelines will ensure that we meet your specifications. It is the mission of Pacor to be an exceptional provider of innovative insulation solutions to industry through QP3- Quality People, Quality Processes, and Quality Products.


Along with product design assistance, Pacor’s insulation specialists can help you identify the type of insulation that will best suit your application. We are able to review your specific needs including temperature limits, density, weight, tensile strength, fire ratings and more to help identify the most economical product that meets your insulation need. As an insulation specialist with over 90 years of experience, Pacor provides insulation solutions to companies around the world. Contact one of our product specialists for your insulation solution today.