Industrial Insulation for Power Generation Applications

Industrial Insulation for Power Generation Applications

RapidWrap® removable insulation covers are an optimum choice toPower Plant – Insulation Solutions for Power Generation Applications conserve energy, preserve process temperature, reduce heat loss and improve workplace safety. Pacor insulation jackets are used in a variety of applications where heat conservation and process temperature is a concern, such as gas and steam turbines, piping, exhaust stacks, diesel turbo covers, gate and flange valves, insulating sleeves and heat exchangers.

Removable Insulation Covers

Asbestos free, environmentally safe RapidWrap® thermal removable insulation covers include a fiberglass, ceramic, or aerogel filler encased with a fully encapsulated outer jacketing. Designed to withstand temperatures to1200ºF in its basic form, durable RapidWrap® insulation covers also offer the economy of long life. Eliminating the need to reinsulate for routine maintenance or when repairing equipment problems, RapidWrap® covers can be designed to accommodate extreme temperatures, up to 2300ºF or 1260ºC, extending product life and maximizing return on investment. This superior durability under harsh conditions, coupled with ease of maintenance, makes RapidWrap® covers the most cost effective choice available on the market.

Using only the highest quality materials and dedicated craftspeople, Pacor’s insulation covers are custom made and guaranteed to fit.

RapidWrap® thermal removable insulation covers are specifically designed for easy installation, removal, and reinstallation, ensuring shorter downtime for reduced maintenance and labor costs. Our removable insulation covers reduce energy costs by maintaining constant process temperature as well as reducing ambient temperature in your facility allowing you to pay less for equipment operation and air conditioning.

Workplace safety of heated surfaces is increased by lower heat emissions, and removable insulation jackets can lower your equipment surface temperature. OSHA recommends the temperature be lower than 120°F for employee safety. Our covers allow you to insulate important components without sacrificing employee efficiency or accessibility.

Pacor can provide specialty cut shapes and pieces to particular customer specifications. As an industrial insulation specialist with over 90 years of experience, Pacor provides fabricated insulated parts to major manufacturers of commercial & residential equipment.

Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today for your industrial insulation needs.