Aerogel Design Considerations

Aerogel Design Considerations

Aerogel is one of the very best insulation materials available and it works especially well in tight spaces.  A design consideration when using aerogel insulation is to encapsulate the aerogel in order to mitigate the surface dust of the product and keep it from penetrating the product it is insulating or the area where it is being installed, if desired.

Pacor Inc. has over 10 years of experience working with aerogel and we have developed several mitigation techniques that have helped our customers successfully achieve their thermal protection expectations.  They are safe, reliable and effective.

“Our encapsulated aerogel products provide solutions for product protection and material handling regardless of how simple or complex the customer’s needs are” Rick Jester, Pacor Vice President.

Pacor’s encapsulation techniques include:

Coating with Thermal Paint

  • Coating allows for complete dust mitigation
  • Coating can handle temperatures up to 400 F / 205 C.
  • This is used for OEM Applications that cannot have any particulates within an air stream or need a clean part during operation or assembly
  • Coating does not negatively impact thermal conductivity

Coated Aerogel








Foil Scrim Kraft (FSK) Encapsulation

  • FSK adhered to both sides of the material and part edges are covered with FSK tape.
  • FSK is effective to a temperature of 240 F/115 C
  • Offers additional radiant thermal protection
  • May see slightly higher thermal conductivity values

Encapsulated Aerogel








Adding facing to one side of the part along with edge spraying

  • This allows for a clean facing during assembly process.
  • More economical than complete encapsulation where only one side is in contact with sensitive area.
  • Operates up to 240 F

By employing any of the methods above, we can help you provide a solution that maintains industry leading thermal efficiencies while keeping a clean work and operating environment.  These mitigation techniques allow aerogel insulation to expand into new applications and markets that were previously not a good match for the material.