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Pacor Store

Standard Length Aerogel Insulation

Aerogel insulation is available in standard lengths that are easy to handle, produce minimal scrap and are ideal for small applications.

RapidWrap Removable Insulation Covers

RapidWrap® removable insulation covers are an easy way to conserve energy, preserve process temperature, and improve workplace safety. Pacor’s RapidWrap® removable insulation covers are custom made to fit your unique insulation requirements.

UltraGard Aerogel Pipe Wrap

Pacor’s UltraGard® precut aerogel insulation combines the best of both worlds: All the advantages of revolutionary aerogel insulation in an easy-to-use, precut form for pipe wrap. Designed for the refinery and chemical processing industries, UltraGard pipe wrap insulation cuts energy loss and extends pipe rack efficiencies in piping systems. Aerogels are hydrophobic and they perform extremely well in high temperature and cryogenic environments.

Venture Foil Insulation Tape

Venture Tape 1555CW® Cold Weather Foil is a 2.0-mil (50µm) annealed aluminum foil coated with Venture’s CW® cold weather solvent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.