Discover why Pacor is an industry leader for OEM and industrial insulation applications.

Industrial Insulation Technology Innovators Since 1921

Pacor, Inc. is a major US-based fabricator and distributor of thermal and acoustical insulation products. We have a wide range of product offerings from traditional Fiberglass Insulation to the latest cutting-edge technology in our Aerogels Insulation. Our capabilities include energy appraisals, lamination, removable blanket fabrication, die/water jet cutting, as well as assistance in product design and development. With product offerings to withstand both hot and cold extremes from sub-zero cryogenic applications to applications exceeding 2000°F (1093°C), Pacor has both the products and the resources to solve your most complex insulation problems.

Pacor is both a Johns Manville Select Master Fabricator as well as the authorized OEM fabricating partner for Aspen Aerogels. We are a fabricator/distributor for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) markets. Pacor is a major fabricator of Removable Insulation Covers. With customers around the globe, Pacor serves a diverse number of industries including HVAC, Power Generation, Transportation, Refining/Petrochemicals, Food Equipment, and Industrial Heating Equipment.

Pacor’s commitment to excellence begins with our People: experienced, quality-driven and dedicated professionals. One of our core values is Quality and we are ISO:9001 Registered and ISO:14001 Registered. We will continuously strive to exceed your expectations in quality and service. Pacor has the insulation products that will meet your performance and efficiency requirements. Put the Pacor experience and creativity to work for you today to find your insulation solution.