Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation

From making HVAC units run more efficiently to dampening the noise in a workspace, Pacor is the insulation fabricator with your solution. Your OEM applications demand a wide variety of thermal and acoustical insulations. Pacor has access to the broadest line of industrial fiberglass insulation products in the industry. Contact one of our insulation specialists today to help us meet your insulation needs.

Fiberglass Blankets

Exact-O-Mat® Resilient Fiberglass Blanket

This blanket is ideally suited for hvac situations. It is faced on one side with a black coated mat. Flexibility, resiliency… [read more]

Temp limit: 250°F/121°C

Microlite® Lightweight Fiberglass Blanket

This lightweight fiberglass blanket uses minimal space to give excellent thermal and acoustical insulation. Its high tensile… [read more]

Temp limit: 350°F/177°C

Micromat® Environmental Fiberglass

To meet Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) specs, an added permacote acrylic coating addresses concerns related to microbial growth… [read more]

Temp limit: 250°F/121°C

Range-Glas® XG™ Lightweight Fiberglass

This blanket of lightweight fiberglass material is mainly used in standard and self-cleaning ranges as well as commercial… [read more]

Temp limit: 1000°F/538°C

SG Series Spin-Glas® Fiberglass Blanket

Made for refrigerator, freezer, and other low to medium temperature appliance applications, this fiberglass blanket is excellent for thermal and… [read more]

Temp limit: 350°F/177°C

Tuf-Skin® & Tuf-Skin® II Semi-Rigid Fiberglass Blanket

This semi-rigid, blanket type fiberglass insulation provides OEMs with a cost-effective option for thermal and acoustical… [read more]

Temp limit: 250°F

Valulite™ Flexible Fiberglass Blanket

This fiberglass blanket offers economy and flexibility in thermal and acoustical surroundings. Offering a thermal conductivity (k) value of 0.24… [read more]

Temp limit: 350°F/177°C

Fiberglass Boards

Exact-O-Board® Rugged Fiberglass Board

These are rugged fiberglass boards designed for use in limited space for air conditioning equipment. Best equipped for smooth surfaces… [read more]

Temp limit: 350°F/177°C

Spin-Glas® Board Rigid Fiberglass Board

This selection of rigid fiberglass board provides superior acoustical and thermal capabilities. This product is available plain, FSK-faced, or… [read more]

Temp limit: 350°F/177°C

Whispertone® Wallboard& Tackboard Fiberglass Boards

Consistency and uniformity combine to give these fiberglass boards quality look and performance. Available plain or with fiberglass… [read more]

Temp limit: 250°F/121°C


ManniGlas® is a non-respirable, low cost alternative to silicone and ceramic fiber gasketing materials. This fiberglass insulation product… [read more]