Cryogel: A Potential Solution for Ultra-Cold COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

CryogelThe recent announcements of the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines are very exciting news. One particular vaccine requires Ultra-Cold (-70 C) temperatures for transport and storage.

If your company manufactures containers, boxes or coolers for storing or transporting medical supplies like vaccines, the news also made clear several challenges to figure out.

How does your company produce a storage container that can stay at -70 C degrees for significant periods of time?

How can your company’s containers assist the remote medical clinics that need to replenish dry ice every 5 days, in order to maintain this temperature, especially during a potential shortage of dry ice supply and lack of trained and available personnel?  

Pacor has a solution for you: Cryogel insulation. Cryogel is made specifically for sub ambient and cryogenic applications. Cryogel can extend the sub ambient temperature stability substantially longer than the 5 days expected from using dry ice with traditional insulation materials

Pacor can custom fabricate Cryogel to fit any type of container, box or cooler.

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Please review the Cryogel data sheets and our video on Aerogel insulation, including Cryogel.

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