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How to Calculate Heat Loss for Steam Pipes

Posted on Thursday May 15, 2014

Many industrial facilities have steam pipes throughout their infrastructure and suffer significant and, thus expensive, heat loss. Calculating heat loss is an important step in capturing the possible energy cost savings for industrial facilities. The necessary information can be gathered by a thorough facility inspection. Inspect the facility and map out the heating system notes […]

The Advantages of Aerogel Insulation Compared to Other Types of Insulation

Posted on Friday April 25, 2014

There are a diverse range of materials used for insulation. The five most common types are fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose, polyurethane foam and polystyrene foam. Each has their benefits, but also negative factors. In comparison to aerogel insulation, one understands how those negative factors can out-weigh the benefits. 1. Fiberglass Fiberglass is the most common […]

Five Ways Removable Insulation Covers can Improve Compliance with OSHA Regulations

Posted on Tuesday April 8, 2014

1. Hot Pipe Coverage Even though OSHA does not have a specific regulation defining when hot pipes need to be covered, they have stated “OSHA does consider exposed heated surfaces, if there is a potential for injury, to be a hazard and will issue citations if employees can come into contact with such surfaces.” There […]