High Temperature Automotive Insulation

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Precut Aerogel Pipe Wrap

Hydrophobic – outstanding resistance to moisture
Physically Robust – protects against heat and cold
Easy Storage – inventory for quick replacement insulation at low cost
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Pacor Inc.
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CAD Design and Application Assistance

We maintain the latest in CAD design technology to ensure each product meets the demands of its specific requirements

Compliance with Government & Military Specifications

Many of our products are designed to meet government and military specs. For new applications we can work with you to ensure all specs are met.

Technical Engineering Services

Our technical team is available to assist you in choosing the right materials for your insulation problems.

Just-In-Time Capability

Our JIT capabilities are currently being used by a number of customers, and can save you substantial costs with lower inventories and more consistent production.

Kanban Capability

Pacor Inc. assumes responsibility for inventories in a number of our customers' plants, saving our customers time, money, and space.

Redundant Facilities

Pacor Inc. has three producing locations from which to draw, ensuring continuity of supply in the event of an interruption in production.

On-Site Installation

We will install your RapidWrap™ Removable Insulation Covers on your equipment.

Insulation Energy Appraisal Service

Our certified Insulation Energy Appraiser is qualified to perform an energy audit of your facility, pointing out problem areas, recommending solutions, and saving you money.