Commercial Energy Appraisal Services

Commercial Energy Appraisal Services

Energy Audit Service

Machinery and distribution lines are a constant source of wasted energy. Insulation can reduce energy losses up to 90%. Removable insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce utility costs and lower your facility’s energy footprint. 

Removable insulated solutions have the additional benefit of making your workers safer by reducing hot spots. All surfaces that are above 120 degrees F should be covered to ensure workplace safety, so removable insulation is personnel protective equipment. Removable insulation covers can also help keep the cold in. Maintaining a lower ambient temperature can drive down energy needs in the refrigeration and cold storage applications.

A commercial energy audit by one of our certified energy appraisers will target the most effective way to reduce your energy costs. Pacor can help you upgrade your facility’s insulation system to produce the most significant payback for the life of the facility. Our energy appraisal service will lay out the financial, environmental and safety benefits of insulation.

Pacor is a manufacturer of removable insulation covers made from the traditional forms of insulation to ones fabricated with high tech, lightweight Aerogel insulation fabric. Our covers are specifically designed for easy installation; removal and reinstallation that help facilitate maintenance.

Pacor’s Energy Appraisal Service is a tool that quantifies the amount of energy and actual dollars your facility is losing – and demonstrates how much more efficient a system can be:

  • Our appraiser will meet with your facility team to determine the scope of your energy usage and distribution system.
  • Walk-through your facility to measure and document all potential energy loss areas. Use infrared technology to pin point areas of energy loss.
  • Use customized software to calculate the potential energy and real dollar losses.
  • Develop and present a customized report to document fuel cost savings through an upgrade of current systems with an insulation upgrade. This report will explain all financial savings and environmental data. We will offer a series of solutions and explain the ROI on your insulation investment.

Start reducing your energy bill and your company’s environmental footprint today. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today to get more information about our commercial energy appraisal services.