RapidWrap® Removable Insulation Covers

RapidWrap® Removable Insulation Covers

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Removable Insulation Covers for Gate and Flange Valves, Turbines, Piping, Exhaust stacks, Acoustic Applications, and More

RapidWrap® removable insulation covers are a fantastic solution to conserve energy, preserve process temperature, and improve workplace safety. Pacor’s removable insulation covers are custom made to fit your unique insulation requirements. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist to find out if RapidWrap® removable insulation covers are the solution to your industrial insulation needs.


Pacor’s removable insulation covers are used in a variety of thermal and acoustic insulation applications. Using only the highest quality materials and dedicated craftspeople, Pacor's insulation covers are custom made and guaranteed to fit. The RapidWrap® removable insulation covers can be made with a variety of insulation fillers (fiberglass, superwool, aerogel) using a variety of enclosures and closure systems to meet your temperature requirements.


RapidWrap® removable insulation covers are an easy solution to reduce heat loss and lower energy costs. Pacor insulation jackets are used in a variety of applications where heat conservation and process temperature is a concern such as gate and flange valves, turbines, piping, exhaust stacks, expansion joints, diesel turbo covers, acoustic applications, insulating sleeves and heat exchangers.


Our removable insulation covers reduce energy costs by maintaining constant process temperature as well as reducing ambient temperature in your facility allowing you to pay less for equipment operation and air conditioning. Workplace safety is increased by lower heat emissions and OSHA recommends heated surfaces be lower than 120°F for employee safety. Removable insulation jackets can lower your equipment surface temperature.

RapidWrap® insulation covers are removable and reusable. Your personnel can easily access equipment for maintenance and reinstall the insulation cover. Our covers allow you to insulate important components without sacrificing employee efficiency or ease of access.

The payback time for using a Pacor removable insulation cover can be less than six months. Use our energy savings calculator to estimate your cost savings today.

Custom Fabrication

As an insulation specialist with over 90 years of experience, Pacor provides industrial insulation solutions to major companies world-wide. Click on “Request A Quote” to contact one of our product specialists to get your industrial insulation solution today.