Acoustic Insulation Blankets

Acoustic Insulation Blankets

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Acoustic Blanket Insulation for Applications Where Noise is a Problem

Noise Police® Acoustic blankets offer ideal solutions from noises in the workplace. Ranging from protection from harmful noises associated with industrial production to efficiency increasing sound dampening in the office workplace, Pacor’s acoustic blankets will meet your sound management needs. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today to find out if Noise Police® acoustic blankets are the solution to your sound insulation needs.


Noise Police® acoustic blankets are custom designed for your specific sound issue and are available in a variety of configurations to meet the unique requirements of your plant and personnel. Our acoustic blankets can be installed in a permanent location or designed to be moved from one area to another to meet changing sound issues. The standard size is 4′ x 8′ but each acoustic blanket can be custom designed to address the requirements of the problem area. Casters can be added for complete mobility and maximum accessibility.


Noise Police® acoustic insulation can be used in any area where noise is a problem. Applications can range from just sound damping to higher levels of noise control. From industrial applications to office workplaces, Pacor can find the configuration that is most suitable to your needs.


Pacor's acoustic blankets can be purchased in a standard size or be custom designed for your facility’s needs. The blanket can be permanently affixed or designed to move from one area to another for maximum flexibility.

High sound levels are a safety hazard to industrial workers. Even lower level noise can reduce worker efficiencies in certain workplace environments. A healthy work environment contributes to worker safety and increased productivity.

As an insulation specialist with over 90 years of experience, Pacor provides a wide variety of thermal and acoustic insulation solutions to major manufacturers world-wide. The Noise Police® acoustic insulation can solve your noise problems, so contact one of our product specialists for your sound analysis today.