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ManniGlas Insulation – High Temperature Ceramic Insulation

ManniGlas® insulation is a cost effective solution for your most demanding heat management applications. ManniGlas® provides excellent insulation properties in situations where space is a premium. Pacor Inc. can supply a variety of ManniGlas® insulation options. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today to find out if ManniGlas® is the solution for your insulation needs.


ManniGlas® is a non-respirable, low cost alternative to silicone and ceramic fiber gasketing materials. This fiberglass insulation product can withstand humidity and continuous operating temperatures up to 1200°F/650°F without shrinkage. This product achieves UL’s highest rating (94V-0) for non-flammability.


ManniGlas® insulation excels in applications requiring superior thermal resistance where space is limited. Typical applications include: high temp gaskets and seals, foil lamination to create a thermal shield, or coated with PSA and slit into strips to be used as seals and thermal breaks. Manniglas® insulation is used in a variety of manufactured products such as furnaces, water heaters, automotive, boilers, and lighting.


ManniGlas® insulation has a highly uniform white surface and excellent thickness control which makes this product perfect for applying coatings, PSA’s and laminating foil. It is engineered with binders that are not formaldehyde-based to satisfy low smoke and odor requirements. It’s flexible enough to conform to a 90° bend. ManniGlas® insulation is easily compressed to form a seal while maintaining enough rigidity to be self supporting.

Custom Fabrication

Pacor can provide specialty cut shapes and pieces to particular customer specifications. As an industrial insulation specialist with over 90 years of experience, Pacor provides fabricated insulated parts to major manufacturers of commercial furnaces and other high temperature equipment. Contact one of our product specialists for your industrial insulation solution today.


ManniGlas® insulation performs within the following range, depending on the product thickness:

Thickness: 030 – 0.25 in / 0.76 – 6.36 mm
Measurement Gauge: 7.3 – 0.5 psi
Basis Weight: 79 – 441 lb/ream
Tensile Strength: Machine Direction 14–80 lb/in
Direction 11–70 lb/in
Ash (% by wt): 94
Thermal Conductivity: 75°F/24°C – 750°F/400°C