Range-Glas® XG™ Lightweight Fiberglass

Range-Glas® XG™ Lightweight Fiberglass

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Range-Glas XG Lightweight Fiberglass Insulation for Residential and Commercial Oven Applications

As a Select Master Fabricator for Johns Manville, Pacor has access to the broadest line of industrial fiberglass insulation products in the industry. Fiberglass insulation is the most widely used insulation because of its excellent thermal and acoustical properties. Range-Glas® XG™ fiberglass blankets can be bought as rolls or can be die-cut into a variety of customer specified parts. Contact a Pacor insulation specialist today to find out if Range-Glas® XG™ fiberglass insulation can be used to meet your insulation needs.


Range-Glas® XG™ is a lightweight, white fiberglass insulation designed to provide excellent thermal performance in all types of residential and commercial ovens. This insulation emits minimal smoke and odor during the initial heat-up, the self cleaning cycle or the initial broil cycle of standard ovens.


Range-Glas® XG™ lightweight fiberglass blankets are specifically designed for residential and commercial oven applications. They control smoke and odor while providing efficient thermal insulation at up to 1000°F hot face operating temperatures.


Range-Glas® XG™ is available in roll form in a broad range of thicknesses, densities, and dimensions. The friendlier feel of the fiberglass blanket provides ease of handling during processing and installation. This product can be die-cut into a variety of ways to meet your specifications.

This product has Green building attributes and certifications. The recycled content on average is a 20% minimum. This product is SCS certified. For more information on Green-friendly fiberglass insulation products, contact Pacor Inc.

Custom Fabrication

Pacor can provide specialty cut shapes and pieces to particular customer specifications. As an industrial insulation specialist with over 90 years of experience, Pacor provides solutions to your die-cutting, laminating, and specialty packaging needs. Contact one of our product specialists for your industrial insulation solution today.


Temperature Limit: 1000°F (538°C)
Width: 24 – 96 inches
Density: 1.06 to 2.0 pcf
Thickness: 1 – 3 inches